DC Greens Condemn Chairman Mendelson's Decision to Raid $7.5 Million from Renewable Energy Development Fund

 DC Statehood Greens signed on to a coalition letter last week condemning Chairman Mendelson's decision to raid $7.5 million in funding from the Renewable Energy Development Fund (REDF).

Funds from the REDF were supposed to be used to encourage solar energy production, reduce carbon emissions, and help low-income District resident with energy costs.

The coalition letter, signed by some of the most active District advocates and organizations, requested at the City Council immediately restore full funding to the REDF.

You can read the coalition letter HERE.

Signatories to the letter included: the Center for Biological Diversity; Chesapeake Climate Action Network; DC Climate Action; DC Consumer Utility Board; DC Environmental Network; DC Fiscal Policy Institute; DC Public Banking Center; DC Sierra Club; DC Solar United Neighborhoods; DC Statehood Green Party; Foundation Earth; Global Green USA; Green Cross International; GRID Alternatives Mid-Atlantic; Institute for Local Self-Reliance; Institute for Sustainable Power; MDV-SEIA; National Housing Trust; New Columbia Solar; The Ocean Foundation; Washington Parks & People; and Wentworth Green Strategies.

The DC City Council will vote on the final budget on Tuesday, June 13.


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