DC Statehood Green Party 2017 Convention


Join us on Saturday, December 9th from 11AM - 3PM to learn more about the DC Statehood Green Party! Sign up, volunteer, and meet candidates running for local office. 

For decades, DCSGP members have convened from across the city to attend the DC Statehood Green Party's (DCSGP) Annual Convention. This December, party members and allies will converge again to move our Party forward into what we anticipate will be an electorally electrifying 2018 campaign season — locally and nationally. The DC Statehood Green Party's 2017 Convention is free and open to the public.

DC government only works well when DC residents are involved. That's why this year's Convention will also feature a special presentation designed to teach concerned citizens more about how DC government works and how they can get involved in local politics.

Learn more about our key non-profit allies:

Together, the DC Statehood Green Party and its non-profit allies are fighting to make our nation's capital a fairer, more sustainable city for all. Key non-profits and advocacy groups the DC Statehood Green Party works with include:

Stand up for Democracy: Founded in 1997, the Stand Up for Democracy in DC Coalition is a grassroots, nonpartisan citizens advocacy group.

DC Divest: DC Divest is an advocacy campaign established in Washington, DC in 2013 to remove investments in fossil fuel companies from its investment portfolios, raise awareness of local climate impacts, and support local climate activism.

Empower DC: The mission of Empower DC is to enhance, improve and promote the self-advocacy of low and moderate income DC residents in order to bring about sustained improvements in their quality of life. We accomplish our mission through grassroots organizing and trainings, leadership development, and community education. Empower DC is a citywide, multi-issue, membership-based community organizing project.

Fair Budget Coalition: The Fair Budget Coalition advocates for budget and public policy initiatives that address poverty and human needs in the District of Columbia. It accomplishes these goals by leveraging the collective power of its organizations, including working with social service providers to empower those directly affected by poverty to participate in the advocacy process.

Save our System: The Save Our System Campaign is powered by riders, community leaders and organizations, grassroots volunteers and others who have had enough with WMATA's neglect for their riding public. It is a coalition of public transit riders, community organizations, faith groups, labor organizations, and small businesses working to improve WMATA services.

Friends of McMillan Park: Friends of McMillan Park is a group of community volunteers who support sustainable development and long-term planning for McMillan Park and Washington, DC. Its mission is to preserve, restore, and adaptively reuse historic McMillan Park in Washington, DC for the benefit of the people, not a select few.

Washington Lawyers Committee: The Washington Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs is a non-profit organization established in 1968 to provide pro bono legal services to address discrimination and entrenched poverty in the Washington, DC community. Since then, the Committee has successfully litigated thousands of civil rights cases and advocated for public policy changes on behalf of individuals and groups in the areas of fair housing, equal employment opportunity, public accommodations, immigrant rights, disability rights, public education, prisoners’ rights, and more.

Would you like to volunteer?

It's easy, fun, and a great way to help support and grow the Greens! If you are interested, please send an email to info@dcstatehoodgreen.org

DCSGP 2017 Convention Schedule of Official Business (tentative):

At the convention, Party members will renew commitment to our 10 key values and set our 2018 agenda that, which has embodied the voices of DC’s historically marginalized communities of Blacks, LGBTQ, elderly, returning citizens, working-poor, poor, those with disabilities since the Party's establishment in 1970. 

  • Welcome
  • Message from DC Statehood Green Party Chair Daryl Moch
  • General Business Meeting
    • Treasury Report
    • Steering Committee Report
    • Committee Introductions
  • Citizen Education Presentation (with Q&A)
  • Break out Session
  • Break
  • Adoption of signature issues for 2018
  • 2018 Elections – upcoming campaigns and candidates’ intents to run
  • 2018 DCSGP Elections
    • Election of State Chair and Steering Committee
    • Voting on actions (bylaws, resolutions)

Questions? Send us an email at info@dcstatehoodgreen.org.

In solidarity
DC Statehood Green Party

December 09, 2017 at 11am - 3pm
Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ
5301 N Capitol St NE
Washington, DC, DC 20011
United States
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Sladjana Dankovic
Heidi K Hansen
Michael Lennon
Justin McCarthy
Delois Hatter
Pierre Wang
Christine Kroll
Daniel Alvarado
Maria DePaul
John Harris Iii
Avraham (Miko) Peled
Tamara Lewis
Susan Medea Benjamin
Barbara Patterson
Damián Fontanez
David Kessler
Darryl! Moch
Brandon Bragg

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