DC Statehood Greens condemn last minute tactics by Pepco, national interference in DC climate bill

December 18, 2018


Contact: Justin McCarthy, jlawrencemccarthy@gmail.com, 540-312-379

WASHINGTON, DC — The DC Statehood Green Party strongly condemns utility company Pepco-Exelon’s last-minute maneuvers taken with the intention of weakening the “Clean Energy DC Omnibus Act of 2018.”

Last month, at the bill’s first Council vote, Pepco successfully lobbied to introduce a number of amendments severely undermining the efficiency portion of the DC climate bill. If passed, these anti-consumer amendments could leave D.C. residents on the hook to compensate Pepco for losses associated with lower electricity usage.

“It’s basic economics. Pepco is in the business of maximizing profits, and giving the private utility exclusive rights to manage energy efficiency programs is going to cost consumers more,” said David Schwartzman.

Now, just hours before the bill’s final vote, Pepco-Exelon has doubled down on their anti-consumer amendments and are seeking to whip Council votes using a series of letters written by former Maryland Public Service Commission members and former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy.

“Pepco is of course chopping up the letter and taking it out of context, but the former EPA Administrator’s decision to weigh in at the eleventh hour on an issue that’s been on the table now for several months is both frustrating and a little perplexing,” said Justin McCarthy.

Both Mayor Bowser and members of the DC Council have previously decried so-called “national influences” on DC politics. If there is any consistency to these claims, DC Council will drop these amendments.


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