DC Statehood Greens Stand With Charlottesville

The DC Statehood Green Party condemns the racist violence in Charlottesville, VA that left one anti-racist activist dead and dozens injured in the strongest possible terms. 

The refusal by President Trump to condemn the clear cut act of domestic terrorism at the right-wing extremist is deplorable. His refusal to call out the violent actions of white supremacists speaks volumes about where he stands. We must stop watering down right-wing extremism with terms like "Alt Right" and call it what it really is: neo-Nazism, white supremacy, and terrorism.

Violence and terrorism perpetrated by organized white supremacists are not new phenomena, however, such acts are occurring with increasing regularity since the election of President Donald Trump. Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller may serve in official roles inside the White House, but make no mistake, their documented histories of white supremacism have only served to encourage violence and embolden neo-Nazism here in the United States.

That is why the Green Party is calling for an immediate Congressional inquiry into the causes and impact of the recent rise of white supremacy and neo-Nazism. The greatest threat facing most Americans today is not foreign, it's domestic. It's systemic racism, police brutality & unemployment.

The DC Statehood Green Party stands with all those on the front lines in Charlottesville, VA who are bravely resisting racism and violence.

"We call on all DC Statehood Greens to provide support to these frontline activists, and to stand with all those across Washington, DC working to combat racism and white supremacy in our own communities," said DC Statehood Green Party Co-Chair Daryl Moch. 

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