DCSGP April 2017 Meeting Notes (Approved)

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Shaw Library, Washington, DC 20019

7:20 p.m.

Attending: Darryl Moch, Perry Redd, David Schwartzman, Heidi Hanson, Justin McCarthy, Marion Douglas-Ungaro, Linda Leaks, Perry King, G. Lee Aikin, Phil Barlow, Joyce Robinson-Paul

Treasurer’s Report: previous: on-hand $964.76; (total collected 395.00 + 964.76)= $ 1,195.83 total + (got a swiper coming); Perry has pledged a $400 matching contribution to be matched by the party (so far, $350 has been pledged)

Agenda Items:

1.      Call to Order  (7:20p), DCSGP statement, introductions, visitors, new members, and party contributions call

2.     Approval of last month’s minutes; Darryl motioned to accept; approval of agenda

  1. Introductions
  2. Adoption of Proposed Agenda, Note:  times allocated include discussion on BDS (Perry King)
  3. Committee Reports:
    1. Community Outreach/Youth Committee, Al-Hadji (not present, given by David S.: Proposed voter registration event in Columbia Heights on Saturday April 15th from 12-2 pm; (5 minutes)
    2. Media & Communications Committee, Justin: Facebook, Website demonstration, need for the Twitter account password for the website integration (10 minutes)
    3. Political Policy & Action Committee (David S.); meeting April 24th (time & location TBA)

                                          i.    A Sunday at 3pm event

                                         ii.    DC Fair Elections Coalition, launched at Metropolitan AME; matching funds for small donation candidates (10 supporters on the Council)

  1. (David): Upcoming DC budget events, DC Fair Elections bill; 5 minutes
  2. National (Darryl): the caucuses now have two members, the national Treasurer is unfilled and the application for the Accountant is open as a P/T position; discussion about the national dilemma of people “showing up” as candidates; the National will do “Campaign Schools”; a Steering Committee election is upcoming; the Annual National meeting will be July 19-23rd  in Newark, NJ; Scott McLarty is now full-time
  3. (Heidi): Wells Fargo Divest; 5 minutes
    1. Guilty of horrible stuff, i.e., racial discrimination, theft from account holders, mortgage manipulation
    2. Federal regulatory agency gave Wells a failing grade; the city is not supposed to do business with failing grader banking institutions
    3. Grasso introduced a resolution to divest and invest DC money into local and responsible banking institutions
    4. Rising Hearts (Native, Women-led), DSA, DC BLM-Heidi is proposing the party become part of the coalition (contact Jordan); the party has elected via resolution to become part of the coalition
    5. We want to push for a DC Public Bank; through the Evans committee
    6. Revisit our investment in PNC;
    7. (Joyce): Let us examine what portion goes back to consumers and if we need to amend
  4. Save McMillan Park (Lee): report on UDC event and new developments; (5 minutes)
    1. Presentation of an alternative commercial plan; “First Source” the hiring; get a different group of capitalists involved

                                          i.    Joyce: let us re-examine actual filtrating water as part of the business model; we also want recreation in that park; we cannot allow a no-bid contract to go through; they dwindled the Community Benefits to almost nothing

  1. New Business
    1. Science March (April 22), Climate Rally (April 29) and community panels in between: 2 minutes
    2. Ethnic Cleansing (Marian) in DC and the work of the DC SGP (2 minutes) (also see below, Support Congress Heights Tenants Community Meeting)

                                          i.    We will post some of this E/C information on our website (Marian will create the initial posting and get it to Justin); create media strategies

                                         ii.    We shall make E/C part of our Statehood Summer event


  1. Announcements
    1. This Saturday, April 8, Assemble 12:45 pm,  Emancipation Parade, 8th and Penn. Ave NW, March with our banner, outreach opportunity
    2. This Sunday, April 9, 3 pm, 617 Florida Ave NW,   Community Meeting to Support Congress Heights Tenants, Justice First
    3. Thursday, April 13, 6 pm to 9 pm, The People’s Budget Forum, Excel Academy  |  2501 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE; Click here to RSVP.  What’s included in the budget will go a long way towards determining the future of the District, your opportunity to hear from and speak directly with your elected officials about how we address these critical issues and more.
  2. Next GA meeting: May 4, 2016, Petworth Library7pm
  3. Adjourned at 8:31 p.m. (minutes are available in mp3 format upon request)

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