DCSGP January 2017 Meeting Notes (Approved)

Thursday, January 5, 2017

General Assembly Minutes

Dorothy Height Library, Washington, DC 20019

7:20 p.m.

Attending: David Schwartzman, Perry Redd, Jabari Zakiya, Justin McCarthy, Asa Gordon, G. Lee Aikin, Don Wharton, Barbara Patterson

Treasurer’s Report: on-hand $964.76; collected $47.00

Agenda Items:

1.      Call to Order  (7:00p), DCSGP statement, introductions, visitors, new members, and party contributions call

2.     Approval of last month’s minutes (Perry will post minutes after this call) Lee motioned to accept; approval of agenda

3.     Local Updates

a.     David-the petition for tipped wage workers; Working Families cut a deal with the Mayor to exclude

b.    Perry- New legislative work on strengthening the wage theft act, employment justice, the ban the box law and its enforcement; working with Attorney General office to build a coalition and leadership. Recommends the party return to the 2014 signature issue of Returning Citizens

c.     Lee-Save McMillian; the court said they can’t do what they want to do (turn the park into a Tyson’s Corner type of development); we want to prepare a “better” plan and find some progressive capitalists; Lee showed pics of the underground cistern…developers want to destroy it b/c you can’t build multi-story building on top of the caverns. Gave members a copy of her plan; Lee will focus on McMillian and work with Chris Otten on zoning

                                          i.    David-protests with Kirby every Tuesday from 8-9am at McMillian Park; the court was unanimous on the gentrification and displacement of the development plans of the city; Tuesday evening meeting at 6pm

                                         ii.    Jabari-suggested a proactive approach YEARS ago; suggesting that you go to Howard Univ (Brad Grant)

                                        iii.    Darryl-let’s think of “players”

4.     National Reports-The GPUS-Darryl

a.     New budget is not out; completed but delayed; with more money, they want to hire new people

b.    National steering committee will hold a retreat

c.     Darryl will put together an ad-hoc “change” committee; party is slow in acting

d.    National conversation: Flowers camp/Stein camp…not yet come together

                                          i.    David asked where did new party money come from? 1) Inheritance, 2) opposition to Dem/Rep candidates, 3) Jabari: who is Flowers? Senate candidate from MD, doctor

5.     Elections for the 2017 Steering Committee and National

a.     Lee: let’s have the “important” meetings in the west side of the city

                                          i.    Darryl: ALL meetings matter; our problem is we’re not getting the word out

                                         ii.    Jabari: people have stuff to do and we’re not doing stuff between meetings

                                        iii.    David: problem is the SC isn’t functional; notice wasn’t put out as it should

b.    SC: Perry Redd (David), David (David) Justin (Perry) Haji (Asa), Dominique (Perry) Lee (Haji)

                                          i.    Darryl will appoint nominees to the SC; the former SC

c.     Chair: Darryl Moch (2nd by Lee)

d.    GPUS Delegates: Justin (Justin)/need another delegate/Jenefer Ellingston (alternate)

e.     Jabari-suggested that people join Meet-Up

6.     Standing Committees 2017

a.     Marketing and Publication-Justin McCarthy

b.    Political Policy and Action Committee-David Schwartzman

c.     Community Outreach/Youth and New Member-Haji Conteh

d.    Fundraising-Lee Aikin (declined); Perry Redd

e.     Vetting-Eugene Puryear

7.     2018 Candidate Development

a.     Begin February 2017

8.     Announcement

a.     Perry-will donate $400 to the party with a conditional match (toward a total $800) for Statehood Summer event

b.    David-will donate $200

c.     Perry employed at EJC; let’s capitalize off of his Council relationships

d.    David-Protest Dec 7th McMillian Park

e.     Anti-Inaugural activities via email

  1. Next SC meeting: February 2, 2016, Petworth Library 7 p.m.
  2. Adjourned: 8:40 p.m.

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