DCSGP May 2017 Meeting Notes (Approved)

Thursday, May 4, 2017

DC Statehood Green Party

General Assembly Minutes

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Lamond-Riggs, Washington, DC 20019

7:00 p.m.

Attending: Darryl Moch. Justin McCarthy, Perry Redd, David Schwartzman, G. Lee Aikin, Lino Stracuzzi, Barbara Patterson, Echo, Asa Gordon, Brandon Austrella, Siggi Meilus, Don Wharton, Alice Marshall

Treasurer’s Report: on-hand $ 1,195.83 collected

Agenda Items:

  1. Call to Order  (7:00p), DCSGP statement, introductions, visitors, new members, and party contributions call

  2. Approval of last month’s minutes (Perry will post minutes after this call) Lee motioned to accept; approval of agenda

  3. Introductions
  4. Adoption of Proposed Agenda, Note:  times allocated include discussion
  5. Committee Reports:
    1. Community Outreach/Youth Committee, Alhadji:  Proposed voter registration event in Columbia Heights on Saturday April 15th from 12-2 pm; 5 minutes
    2. Social Media Committee, Justin: Facebook, Website, Twitter; 10 minutes
    3. Political Policy & Action Committee: presented regressive tax bill sponsored by Fair Budget Coalition (FBC)
  6. David: Upcoming DC budget events, DC Fair Elections bill; 3 minutes
  7. Save McMillan Park, Lee: The Illegal efforts of the Mayor to “give away” the park to developers; Writ of Mandamus-need legal assistance
  8. Heidi: Wells Fargo Divest; divestment resolution was presented in April, people need to show up at Finance and Revenue Office and ; Jack Evans opposes the resolution; COW meets next Friday; we should be advocating for a DC Public Bank; Lino-we need a DC Councilmember to sponsor; The DC Public Banking Center will meet with Grasso next Tuesday
  9. Siggi- WMATA- we’re opposing the new “no Late night service” proposal; fare hikes; working with Transit Union local 689; 3 Pillars: 1. Fix the system, 2. Fund the system (proposing a dedicated source of funding) 3. Make It Fair; looking for coalition members;
    1. Lino: Metro took a route out of our community Ward 8 and moved
    2. Alice: Is there a way to dig into their budget to know their surveillance budget
    3. Echo: Monthly Passes are cheaper
    4. Perry: Announced the WLC has filed a Class Action
    5. David: proposed the Party join the Coalition
    6. Darryl: revenue neutral cannot sustain itself
  10. Justin: we had a Green presence at the Science March (April 22), Climate Rally (April 29) and May Day rally; locally: the Jill Stein email list has been incorporated into our database; 280 people indicated that they’re interested in volunteering; want to purchase DCSGP t-shirts
    1. Lee: Grasso refused to talk with the McMillian
  11. The GPUS National Convention July 20-22nd in Newark, NJ-info is at www.gp.org There are diversity waivers
    1. The Treasurer position is open (unpaid); 4 of the 9 Steering Committee positions are open
    2. Platform Committee proposal; caucuses are up and running (Youth, Women’s, etc); anyone interested in serving on the National Committee, and we need an alternate
  12. Open Forum
    1. Signature Issue decision
      1. Lee-Schedule H Tax Education
      2. Lino-choose three things
      3. Echo-Statehood (because we are invisible, organize our own lobby day)
      4. David-Transit Justice (b/c it connects equity, air quality, justice)
      5. Perry-Wage Theft
      6. Asa-DC Taxpayer Voter Act that will automatically register any DC resident
  13. Announcement: Riderwood Elder Video; Fair Budget rally
  14. Next GA meeting: June 1, 2017, Petworth Library 7 p.m.
  15. Adjourned 8:35 p.m.

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