DCSGP February 2017 Meeting Notes (Approved)

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Petworth Library, Washington, DC 20019

7:00 p.m.

Attending: Darryl Moch, David Schwartzman, Perry Redd, Justin McCarthy, G. Lee Aikin, Barbara Patterson, Haji Conteh, Luke Myers, Annie Elliott, Brian Doyle, Heidi Hansen, Josh Gomez, Joyce Robinson-Paul, Asa Gordon, Echo

Treasurer’s Report: on-hand $1,011.76; collected $278.00

Agenda Items:

1.      Call to Order  (7:14p), DCSGP statement, introductions, visitors, new members, and party contributions call

2.     Approval of last month’s minutes (Perry will post minutes after this call) Lee motioned to accept; approval of agenda

  1. Representative from ROC to talk about how we can help the $15/hour for tipped workers Initiative (5 min)
  2. Election confirmation of appointed SC members (from last GA):
    1. SC: Perry Redd (David), David (David) Justin (Perry) Haji (Asa), Lee (Haji)

b.    Darryl will appoint nominees to the SC;

c.     SC Chair: Darryl Moch (2nd by Lee)?

  1. Report and discussion of the DC Budget Briefing  by DC Fiscal Policy Institute and the Fair Budget Coalition
    1. (FBC) letter to the Mayor/DC Council*,
    2. how we can confront the impact of the Trump selection on DC,
    3. renewal of DCSGP membership in the FBC 
  2. People for Fairness Coalition campaign for Downtown Public Restrooms 24/7
  3. Call-Out to new attendees (Justin): Heidi-willing to work w/I the Federal employees and interested in divestment; Echo-interested most in DC Statehood and Open Primaries; Jabari: IRV, Electoral Reform, Abolishing the Income Tax and running for ANCs, Josh-statehood

8.     Appeal to attendees to become part of our Committee work: Standing Committees 2017

a.     Marketing and Publication-Justin McCarthy

b.    Political Policy and Action Committee-David Schwartzman

c.     Community Outreach/Youth and New Member-Haji Conteh

d.    Fundraising-Lee Aikin (declined); Perry Redd

e.     Vetting-Eugene Puryear

  1. Committee Reports:
    1. our social media outreach (Justin)
    2. Haji-creating a plan for outreach,
    3. Created a new Facebook page

10.  New business

a.     Perry- New legislative work on strengthening the wage theft act, employment justice, the ban the box law and its enforcement; working with Attorney General office to build a coalition and leadership. Recommends the party return to the 2014 signature issue of Returning Citizens

                                          i.    Asa suggested filing under the Privacy Act

b.    Lee (per Darryl)-If people need help filling out Schedule H, Lee will, and; Save McMillian; attending city event tonight (absent, at McMillian); Joyce: a no-bid contract, no affordable housing contrary to their claim, and “Vision McMIllian” is ignoring the local resident’s demands; an injunction to stop the plan was issued by COA on Dec. 8th; David: tonight’s event is nothing but PR, the city failed to consider gentrification and racism (see

11.  National Reports-The GPUS-Darryl

a.     Update: New budget is not out; completed but delayed; with more money, they want to hire new people

b.    Update: National steering committee will hold a retreat

c.     Update: Darryl will put together an ad-hoc “change” committee; party is slow in acting

12.  Elections for the 2017 Steering Committee and National

a.     Lee: let’s have the “important” meetings in the west side of the city

                                          i.    Darryl: ALL meetings matter; our problem is we’re not getting the word out

b.    SC: Perry Redd (David), David (David) Justin (Perry) Haji (Asa), Dominique (Perry) Lee (Haji)

                                          i.    Darryl will appoint nominees to the SC; the former SC

13.  2018 Candidate Development

a.     Begin February 2017 (In the Planning)

14.  Reminder:

a.     Perry-will donate $400 to the party with a conditional match (toward a total $800) for Statehood Summer event

b.    David-will donate $200

  1. Announcements
    1. The Steering Committee Retreat (coming)
    2. The Rock Creek Civil War Roundtable (Asa), February 4, 2017 9:30am at the Rock Creek Nature Center, 5200 Glover Road, NW
  2. Next GA meeting: March 2, 2016, Shaw Library at 7 p.m.
  3. Adjourned: 8:46 p.m.

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