DC Statehood Greens Stand With Charlottesville

The DC Statehood Green Party condemns the racist violence in Charlottesville, VA that left one anti-racist activist dead and dozens injured in the strongest possible terms. 

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DC Statehood Green Party Newsletter (June 2017)


Welcome to the June 2017 issue of the DC Statehood Green Party monthly newsletter! In this issue you will find out how to get involved in our 2018 campaigns (candidates will be declaring shortly!), learn about how DC Greens are standing up for our communities, and hear more about the Green party's upcoming National Convention this July.

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DC Greens Condemn Chairman Mendelson's Decision to Raid $7.5 Million from Renewable Energy Development Fund

 DC Statehood Greens signed on to a coalition letter last week condemning Chairman Mendelson's decision to raid $7.5 million in funding from the Renewable Energy Development Fund (REDF).

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DCSGP Condemns Metro Service Cuts and Fair Increases, Calls On WMATA to "Fund It, Fix It, Make It Fair"


WASHINGTON, DC – In the wake of critical budget WMATA shortfalls and increasingly frequent service outages that disproportionately affect low-income workers, senior citizens and students, the DC Statehood Green Party officially signed on as a sponsor member of ATU 689’s ’Save our System Coalition.’

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Mayor Muriel Bowser's Proposed Budget: the good, the bad and the ugly


Speaking on behalf of the DC Statehood Green Party in a radio interview with WPFW's David Rabin on Tuesday, April 18, Legislative Director David Schwartzman strongly criticized District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser's proposed FY 2018 budget. DC Statehood Greens are calling on Mayor Bowser and the City Council to implement budget reforms that are both progressive and forward-looking.

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Greens Call Trump "Criminally Negligent," Endorse March For Science on April 22 in Washington, DC


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Green Party leaders spoke out today about the environmental and public health threat posed by the Trump Administration's reckless industry-friendly actions, including attacks on regulations and Scott Pruitt's appointment to head the EPA.

The Green Party has endorsed upcoming marches for environmental and climate justice, including the March for Science, April 22 in Washington DC; the People's Climate Movement March for Jobs, Justice and the Climate, April 29 in Washington DC; and satellite climate marches throughout the U.S.

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The Green Movement Is Our planet’s Last Best Hope


This article was written by Communications Director for the DC Statehood Green Party Justin McCarthy and originally appeared in The Hill.

Earlier this month, former head of President Donald Trump’s EPA transition team Myron Ebell made the bold claim that the environmental movement is "the greatest threat to freedom and prosperity in the modern world.”

We’ll call that “alternative fact number one.”

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SUNDAY TAKE: DC Budget Reforms Must Be Forward Thinking and Forward Looking


The DC Statehood Green Party's "Sunday Take" seeks to provide weekly progressive commentary on prominent articles appearing in Washington, DC area print media. 

SUNDAY TAKE: While 2017 is indeed a time great uncertainty for all of us who call the District home, the DC Fiscal Policy Institute's Ed Lazere misses a lot in his Washington Post op-ed.

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2017 Occupy Inauguration and Women's March Activities



The DC Statehood Green Party in conjunction with the National Green Party of the United States invite fellow Statehood Greens, Greens, and our political and community allies to join us as we demonstrate our solidarity and our resolve to resist hatred, corporate plundering of our communities, and tyranny characterized by the incoming administration. Bring your songs, puppets, banners, shirts, hats, buttons and other items to show your solidarity!!!

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DC Statehood Green Party Calls for Electoral College Vote Proportional to Popular Vote, Citing 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The DC Statehood Green Party is calling on Electoral College members in eleven states to assert their constitutional mandate by proportionally allocating their electoral votes for president.

Statehood Greens cited the Malapportionment Penalty Clause of the second section of the 14th Amendment pursuant Title Two Section Six of the United States Code (2 U.S.C.§6) in their appeal to electors in the eleven states who are pledged to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson.

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